Cancun Luxury Travel - Scammed me out of $498!

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got a fax at work for a vacation to mexico.talked to a representative and signed up for the package.

next day $498 was taken from my credit card company and lo and behold no one ever got back to me about the airfare. called several times and no one called me back. next thing i know the number is out of service and because i have no address for this company i can't file a complaint with the better business bureau. this is ILLEGAL!

and i for one am not gonna take it anymore!

i am not through with this company yet!TOUCHEE!

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What exactly is illegal? That you were dumb enough to sign up for something and give your credit card # without getting all the info? That's not illegal sweetheart, that's just stupidity.

Cancun Luxury Travel - All inclusive travel scam


Yes, I was scamed as well.BECU VISA reversed the $498 charge and then reveresd it again saying the paperwork was OK.

I found out there is not even a Rebecca Weaver that works at the place...the lady that wrote the note to VISA fraud dept. HA They now want more money to book anything. VISA fraud will not do anything. It's been 3 months and I still can't book anything.

This is a scam fromt he word go. Shiela Fields has more lines than graph paper! What a scam artist. Don't send money.

If you know how to get your money back, please let me know.

Do not give Cancun Luxury Travel your credit card number. They grossly misrepresent what they offer.

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I also received the offer thru a fax, $199 pp, all inclusive, 6 day, 5 night.After giving them my credit card number and being charged $498, there was no trip available without additional charges totaling up to $900.

They are high pressured, fast-talking salespeople that tell you to sign immediately, there are only a few spots left at this great price. You have 45 days to change dates and locations. However, when you contact them, there are all kinds of additional fees if you want to go anywhere.

At that point, they already have your $498!I wish I had read all this info before I got in to this mess.

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I WANT TO go, and there giving me a really great offer I Just called to set my dates and everything seems to be really good, they have treated me like royalty and i would consire buying another package at the same price

the only difference, that you really got o ask the full details so they can explain you the full promotion

Cancun Luxury Travel - Luxury Travel/Cancun Allinclusive...SCAM/Wells Fargo

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After receiving a "employee benefit" travel fax I contacted a company that advertised as - BBB logo, sandals logo appeared legit.

I was told I could review an email contract, sign and return via fax to activate my 'e-ticket'. After receiving the email there were several red flags, I refused to sign and contacted customer service. The manager quickly became furious and screamed "we have your credit card number, good luck with the bank!" In the morning I went straight to WELLS FARGO, a personal banker told me I would not have any issues with the $402.15 that was removed instantly. They were not concerned with the signed contract.

WELLS FARGO told me the money would be returned because I never signed anything. Thinking everything would be fine I received a letter stating a decision was made in my favor... two weeks later another letter arrived stating that the merchant (a Scammer) had provided enough evidence and the money would be taken back out. Looking through the paperwork I found they had FORGED my SIGNATURE!

When I returned to WELLS FARGO they refused to look at my signature, my name was spelled wrong, I provided several documents supporting my case that this was not only a scam but forgery!! Last time I checked forgery was a federal offense. Thanks WELLS FARGO for standing up for customers! Needless to say no 'E-ticket' even exists and they won't even consider that I received nothing for my $$ and apparently has implied that forgery is just fine as long as you wait out the 120 day dispute time...

the moral of the story is... on the 119 day if you submit proof even if it's forged it works for them!!! Switch banks....

and anything received via fax is ILLEGAL...wish I would've known that before!



I got scammed back May 17,2011.i received a fax memo to all H.R Dept.

Re Airline Travel Program /land Package.It looked real even had U.S Air Ways stamp top right side corner. Hawaii, Jamaica, Dominican republic or Cancun, 6days 5 nights. They got me for $900.00 alright,they never book the trip it\'s always a peak season nothing ever available and of coarse they need more money because do to the over welling response with the great offer got to have more money. Day in day out waiting on hold for hours and being given the run around.I was trying to surprise my husband with this real cool trip that I thought I had received, but in the end it was too good to be true.

Every month was a peek season nothing available at any time voice on the phone stayed the same but always a different name,she\'s always the supervisor so no chance of speaking to anyone who cares really.

What a scam, guess the joke was on me, should have used a travel agent.I really feel bad for all of us and hope these scam artist have nothing but bad luck the rest of there life.Best of luck to all of you....


my name is Ashley Moreland i was scammed also 5/7/2011


I'm currently trying to get a refund from my credit card company after calling to see if my package deal was still valid.The funny thing is after I couldn't find the original website for Best International Vacations I started to inquiry about them on the BBB website.

Praise the Lord I didn't wait until next year because I would have a harder time trying to get a refund.Honestly, I wish people would get a job and stop stealing from other people.


I was scamed as well.BECU VISA backed out the charges but reapplied them even thou there is no Rebecca Weaver..the lady that wrote the rebuttal letter!

They will not back me even thou I can't get a booking and they now want even more money. They don't even have any bookings to Hawaii! This is a scam from the word go and they have it down as to how to hide behind their paperwork and lies.

Still trying to figure out who to go too and how to get my $499 back.What a pain!


Many thanks to all of you who posted your experience. You saved me a headache.


I purchased a vacation package in September of 2009 to Playa del Carmen.For an extra $200, I added a trip to Costa Rica.

The Mexican vacation was fine, but then I attempted to book the Costa Rican vacation. My husband didn't want to go, so I asked if I could bring another guest (my mother) instead. I was told, no. So, I proceeded forward with the booking.

Then, I was told that because my husband is younger than 25, he could not accompany me to Costa Rica. Then I tried to get my money back since I am prevented from utilizing the vacation for which I paid. So far, I've been hung up on twice. I was told at one point that since the transaction occured in 2009, it is too late to refund my money, and I was informed I could use the $200 toward an alternate trip.

I informed them that I only found out today that I couldn't use the trip.

Does anyone have an address for these scamsters?I need one in order to sue them.


Yes! The address is: Cancun Travel Now

Blvd Kukulcan Km 7 local 73-E

C.P.77500 Benito Juarez, Cancun Q. Roo

(01998) 883-2610 ex 10

But you're probably better off contacting the attorney general regarding the bank and continuing to push the claim with your bank. I found information from 2003 they're perfecting they're method you must show they acted legally or in bad faith. Watch they're paperwork my name was speed wrong and the margins didn'tine up. Don't give up!!!!! It took me almost a year!!!!!!! Good luck!


I was also scammed.Am in the process of trying to retrieve a physical mailing address, anyone have the address to send request from my attorney?

Also, Capital One Bank, denied my request to put the money back in my account.

They said because the company offered something (I didn't want), they lost their right to refund the money.I will not stop until I receive my money back as well.


Just signed on for an all-inclusive week at Hacienda Tres Rios for $999. The whole deal took about 50 minutes on the phone and kept me from googling "Cancun Luxury Travel" to see all this other stuff.

Has anyone had a good experience with this outfit?


To all that have read this UPDATE!I have had the funds returned by providing several documents of similar stories and taking this to the state attorney general.

My message is don't stop till you have your money back!Good luck!


Same exact thing happened to me!I can't believe this..makes me so sad and I am becoming less and less trusting of people and society.

Can I report this somewhere?Can we shut their operation down?


I too called and provided my CC info after getting the vacation special by fax at work. When I tried calling them back, 30min later...I could not reach anyone. I researched and found ALL of these complaints...because I work for the bank, I restricted my card....and that's when I began getting the call backs....I did not even bother answering their calls...Karma is a b*&^H!


I had same problems with this Cancun Luxury Travel.My wife also saw a fax at work and the fax said: From HR department.

To All employee. It offer resort 5 star hotel with 199 $ per person. So I think this is from HR department so I placed the reservation and I gave them my credit card information. They said will send me invoice by email.

When I open the email that is spy ware email then I call them with phone number on the fax: 1 866-967-2810.

They will cut off phone when I asked them invoice or business license.

So watch out the fax of Cancun, Hawaii luxury travel.


Hi everyone, Last friday, April 18, 2011, I also signed up for it but right now being threatened that they would ruin my credit and have a debt collector.

I felt that it was scam since the receipt I have received from them are from a gmail accounts, and

I signed up for but CanCun Luxury Travel will be the receipt. Their site has no address and the telephone no. is only for sales but no customoer service.

What if I get to Hawaii they could not be contacted.Besides, I called up one of the hotels from the site and the hotel said it is too good to be true for $199 for 6 days/5 nights all meals, booze and drinks and water sports included.


Same scam just got us, the fax I got and the ph# to call to book is 877-807-7608. Or try 888-226-8902. We are in the process of trying to get CitiBank MC to back us up and get our credit card cleared.



Thank you Anti Wells Fargo, just like you was not feeling the whole all inclusive deal, mine was to Hawaii, once I started reviewing the E_ticket i noticce the name CANCUN LUXURY TRAVEL and started to google it I found you comment. EYE OPENER I called my bank immidietly and thanks to my billing address that wasnt updated their transaction was declined TWICE!!!! SO the only way for me to sleep in peace I closed the account. Chase bak was great.

I will still report the # and web site to the Better Business Bureau.Thanks and sorry for the bank that wont stay by their valuable customer:(


I brought 2 ticket last year (APRIL 2010) from Cancun Luxury Travel money was taking from my account since last week (January 11 2011 I tried to contact them at phone#

18664923706 # was disconnected I don't know what to do? is this a scam.Pls any one if you know any info E-MAIL me.


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